Monday, June 29, 2009

Another Rant

Another day of the week.Last week was busy yet exciting.
I get to see Transformers for free..lalala..Mak aku nye customer book satu wayang kat GSC Mid tu..So she invited me (dgn syarat i can oso invite my fren..hehe).So last thursday,Transformers with mak,ateyn and mel.Awkward when your BF is acting all shy and quiet in front of your mom(when actually he's super-duper BISING)

Last week was a lot of work.
Drawings.Presentation.More drawings.
Tender reading.Trying to understand every single thing slowly.
Assign to organize a training in Paka for 'abg2' engineer and oso me..tahaaaa..=) (cant wait for that~!)
Presentation preparation for the training..
I love this place.
I get to do everything..(bukan la mcm kuli..mcm student intern yg belajar)
Cool work place with cool people to work with.

More to write in such a limited time.
Updated soon.

p/s:I need a new phone. Care to 'derma' anyone?

I like this...


Sabrina said...

glad ur internship sounds great. =)

hey babe, me dah tukar link blog la. update my link, will ya?

B, Queen B said...

Ok..sure do.when either u,me or emi can meet n get together?