Wednesday, January 28, 2009

27th January 2009

The last day in Bali and we were chilling in the room with nothing to do. Wake up as usual and decided to just stay in the hotel. I wanted to spent time in the pool but a bit lazy to get out off bed. Tengahari buta baru nk kua gi pantai. Time tu panas die tak bleh blah la kan. Anyway, I’ve already got tanned from the day before so why not just lay down and burn my skin a little bit more. So, Aan kecoh main layang2 die beli kat Kintamani smalam and he insisted that me and ateyn check out his kite at the beach. Kitorang ngan sua pendek nye tanpa sunblock belari la ke pantai yang sangat panas.Aan gave his kite a name (ngade kan?) Name die Naggasaqti (Na-ga-sak-ti). After seeing him play for a few minutes, I can feel my skin starts to sting. Sunburn la tu..wakakka..Ade minah Jepun ni, letih duduk berjam-jam tan kan badan, aku duduk tak sampai 15 min pun dh nak rentung..huahahha..that’s the best thing being a pure Malay girl. Lupe nak cite pasal malam smalam. I went to the lobby because I wanted to use the internet connection. I didn’t know that you have to pay for the internet access. So I went to the reception desk and ask. Dialog die cam ni:
Nana: Excuse me. How can I get the internet access?
Lobby man: Do you have your laptop and you voucher?
Nana: What voucher? Oh, you need to pay for the internet?
Lobby man: Yes. It should be with the room entitlement.
Nana: I’m sorry. I didn’t know about that. How much do you charge per usage?
Lobby man: 30,000 per hour. Where are you from?
Nana: Malaysia
Lobby man: Malaysia? But your face look like you’re Indonesian and your slang is like American.
Nana: Oh really (dlm hati muke aku ni ade rupe indon ke?) May be because I’m half minang and half jawa.
Lobby man: Can I know your name?
Nana: Farhana. Ya, saya orang Malaysia. Nggak percaya kah?
Lobby man: My name is Agus. You speak very good English.
Nana: Nggak la. Biasa2 aja.

Yang kelakar tu, aku dh cakap indon pun die nak gak bantai BI ngan aku. Haha..muke indon..bapak sadis gle..Overall the stay was delightful and next time we come and visit it would be a full week vacation. Honeymoon perhaps? Ahaks.

26th January 2009

Woke up early and Ayah had prepared us breakfast. We had toast with butter and jam. Pastu Ayah ade masak mee..mee ape lagi kan? Mee Sedap keluaran Indonesia la. Die masak ngan beef balls and cabbages. Ok la..The day started off with Pak Made picking us up at the hotel lobby. Destination was Kintamani to go and see the one and only volcano in Bali. Perjalanan agak jauh la, 2 jam dalam keta..Sakit punggung..hehe..but once you’re there, I cant even describe the scenery. It was beautiful.

According to Pak Made, the volcano is still active with minor activity. Last gunung tu meletup 1994 ke 97 cam tu la. We also went to the Gunugapi Batur Museum which actually complete the information about the volcano. Lepas abis tgk gunug berapi tu, we went to another famous temple in Bali. An ancient temple where it was build under the ground but the archeologists found it and now it’s already on the ground. The place is called Goa Gajah ( Elephant Cave). A mystical temple and legends tells it the Hindu Monks stays in the cave to meditate and to get away from other people for their learning’s.

Lepas tu, kitorang gi lunch. Ape lagi kan? Nasi padang lagi satu round la. Our favorite~! Ate lunch at Natrabu Makanan Minang. Superb~! Cus I get to eat my favorite dish out of all dish in the Nasi Padang’s lauk. Ayam Pop~!! (aku kan allergic ayam, kat Indon je la bleh makan pun sbb diorang gune ayam kampong). After a wonderful meal, it was too early to go back to the hotel. So, we went to the biggest mall in Bali, the Bali Galleria. Lebih kurang macam KLCC or Pavilion kite je la. Nak shopping mahal plak kan? So jalan2 je la. Time jejalan tu, terjumpa Bata (mcm la kat Malaysia tak de). I don’t care, I need to find my shoes. I bought my shoes there..huahahhah…Lepas tu baru gerak pulang ke hotel. That night, we hang out at the beach and let the mosquito ate us alive. I managed to call my baby boo and he told me he had a bad asthma attack. Risau la kite ni kat die. If only I can duplicate my healthy veins and implant it to you. Went to bed a bit late that night but manage to charge my energy for tomorrow.

25th January 2009

Wake up at 8am and gedebak –gedebuk 9am kuar dari bilik. Day one in Bali, the weather is super duper hot and humid. We got ourselves a tour guide. Supir kami namanya Pak Made, a very typical Balinese guy..baik bangat. He drove us around in his Toyota Unser. My phone rang, a sms from someone me love most. Hehe First place was the market in Kuta Town. Mom warned us about a pot of flower with some crackers and fruits in it. Itu sebenarnye barang2 lepas diorang sembahyang. Bali is full with culture+religion, so before they start their day, every Hindu individual will pray at their nearest small temple or just worship their idols and put the flower pot in front of their premises. This is how the flower pot looks like. On to the journey of our first day in Bali, at the Kuta Town ape lagi nak buat? Shopping~! Bought a couple of Bali t-shirts for my plant design group (korang..aku abis duit tau belikan untuk korang..tapi janji tetap janji..). We walked and took a lot of pictures. Admiring the uniqueness of Bali compared to our previous visit to Jakarta and Bandung. Their ancient culture, the sculpture, the art, the people was amazing.
Don’t let me start about their food. Before the shopping spree, we had our brunch at Rumah Makan Minang CCA. When talking about returning back to your own root, minang has the best dish to offer.After a wonderful day at the Kuta Town (not really wonderful because of the sun and the extreme humidity make us sweat like pigs), we when to Tanah Lot. It is one of the tourist attractions. Tanah Lot is a temple near the beach where you can enjoy the best view of the sunset.
Lepas dah romantik2 kat laut tu, we decided to get our dinner at the best seafood restaurant in Bali. Enjoying seafood at the beach ( I meant really at the sandy beach).We had dinner at Segera Seafood in Jimbaran. We had prawns, squids, more prawns and lobster.

After the feast, we headed back to the hotel. Slept early cus super exhausted and need to gain energy for tomorrow activities.

24th January 2009

Flight should be at 3.40pm but it was delayed because of some technical bullshit at the ticket counter when we were checking in our bags. We arrived at LCCT around 2.30pm. Supposedly we should be at the airport at least 1 hour before the flight time because the bags needed to be checked in. Bukan nak banned Air Asia ke ape la..tapi it’s a policy of the flight, we can’t refund the ticket. What Air Asia did to us was horrible. They sold our tickets because we arrived at 2.30pm. We’ve paid for the tickets and the sold it to someone else. After ayah gaduh ngan supervisor AA, they came up a solution that we have to split. 3 of us fly first on the 3.45pm flight, and the other 2 have to take the 5.00pm flight. Bodoh tak?
So, we all decided to take the 5pm flight. Tunggula macam org bodoh kt LCCT yg tak de pape tu. At 4.30pm we checked in, pastu flight delay pukul 6pm.Haiiissshhh~!!! Delay sampai pukul 7 la senang cite. Duration to Bali is 3 hours, makanya jam 10pm la kami samapi ke Bali. Tak best langsung. Its already night and theres nothing you can see and enjoy. Arrived and went straight to the hotel. We stayed in Penindsula Beach Resort in Nusa Dua near Kuta Beach. Checked in and terus tidur (charge battery untuk esok).

Monday, January 19, 2009

A day to cry for

It started of a great day of reminiscing what happened last weekend(will b in the next post).but it turned to be most one of the disastrous day ever. Starting the a new week with a bad Monday. My final year project is heading on the right track (according to my planning). Pastu hari ni jumpe SV, die kate "Farhana, membrane awak ni nipis sangat ni." At that moment, i felt like my ears and my heart ripped off..My brains has fell down to the floor. Aku penat ni buat...salah lagi ke? Time tu, rase cam..I've wasted my entire weekend doing nothing~

I felt so bad. I didnt get to do anything today. At the lab, helped one of my colleauge doing his final year project.Balik bilik, dehydrated,exhausted, nak pengsan..baring n tdo.Tak bleh bla arr hari ni. Bengang.Nak maki hamun.Asked for someone to entertain me,no one was there.Keje la ape la. So, layan sedih sesorang. Promised myself not to cry.

6.30pm someone managed to call my phone.Sape lagi kan?Time tu, tears automatically went down my cheeks. Nanges tak ingat dunia. Like it was the end of the world. Susah cam ni ke wey? My body has lost a few kilos while doing this research. Tak payah la nk gi kurus2 lagi. Tensen+sedih+missing somebody+Makan+Kekadang X makan langsung= turun 4 Kilo dlm 2 minggu.

Plant design another story plak. Material balance still stuck.But we managed to find the alternative way to calculate. Tak pe la jugak. 5 heads finding solution for one big project. And i might say, my group member were superb~! Sayang korang. Ingatkn bleh la tdo ngan aman. Ade lagi yg dtg mengganggu. This case, made me cried even more. Tensed. Confused.Dramatic. Its about Mr S. N i hate this. Nak nangis lagi la..WTF~

Monday, January 12, 2009

I got tagged by Emi

Rules & Regulations:
-do not copy answers
-the tag questions must be 100% the same
-tag people after doing tag
-no tagging back

I tag:

[1]How do you know 1?
Softskill 2 workshop in UMP

[2]What would you do if you never met 2?
Never will found a person that so 'Paris Hilton' yet lovable as she is

[3]What would you do if 3 and 4 dated you?
It will turned out to be the most crazy date i've ever been

[4]Would 5 and 6 make a good couple?
Couple of serious people i guess..teehee..

[5]Do you think 7 is attractive?
Yes.She has nice ass..sorry azzu.

[6]Do you know anything about 8's family?
Yes.5 siblings.Live in Yan,Kedah..

[7]Tell me something about 9...
He's no 8's boyfriend.A serious fella but still a bit cuckoo.Berkulit hitam manis (ye ke ni?) A loyal friend and doesnt think what people think about him.

[8]What language does 2 speak?
Malay,English,Mandarin(beginners level) and Arabic (pro i guess..)

[9]Who is 3 goin out with?
Start with the letter 'B'...betul tak hani?

[10]How old is number 4?
This year she's 22 years old.

[11] 5?

[12]Who is 6's favourite singer?
I dont really know.Cus she love various singers.

[13]7 ?
Any rock kapak singer will do..hehe..azzu aku tak taw laa...

[14]Is 8 single?
definitely NOT~!

[15]What is 9's last name?
Muhammad<---i think i spell it correctly.

[16]Would you consider being in a relationship with 1?
I am in a relationship with 1. Not need to reconsider.tahaa~

[17]Which school does 2 go to?
MRSM or SBP in Johor.

[18]What do you like about 3?
Lovable roomate as number 2 and 5.

Sunday, January 11, 2009 the Lab

Since wanted to get my PSM done on time, hr ni menjalani eksperimen yg tanpa henti. 2 hours of degassing my solution and in the evening i want to CAST my this moment, im sitting in the cold clean room with my laptop and handphones, writing my report for today.

Excited nk fabricate membrane hr ni. Tp tak tau la outcome die mcm mane..
Ngah bosan tunggu membrane solution siap, I ran through NST online and read up on the front page for today's news. Such a popular and will not end topic. W.A.R.+Human Rights.

Tertimbul la satu persoalan, What does human rights stands for?

Does this looks like human rights to us?

Children been killed with no reasons. What is happening to the world today? Are we keeping our mouth shut and just stay put in our country happily with no worries at all? If it could happen to Gaza, why wouldnt it happen to others?Where do the humans stand? If day by day, human are killing each other?

Dalam kes ni, tiada siapa yg boleh menunding jari kepada sesiapa. Its your own responsibility to uphold your own ethics as human beings. The picture has shown how well we respect others and it show how well we applied our educations and believes. As a Muslim myself, I am aware of my own virtue and uphold it every single day so that life wouldnt be as terrible as it seems. But the question is,why they are still killing each other out there and there's nothing we can do about it?

Banyak blog dah tulis itu ini,gerakan itu ini,boikot itu ini,but still as an action,things are getting even worst. Boikot ke ape ke?Like En Hafiz said in the lab today, things like these, we have to get in touch with our roots,our Creator. Ask back what we have done wrong that we deserve something this bad? Then, with a lil bit of faith,hope and doa, InsyaAllah He will work His own way to make miracle happen. In high hopes that situation in Gaza will be better,InsyaAllah.

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Bored and nothing to do

Have you ever thought on how well people know you? You have been existing on the surface of the earth for a certain period of time and have interact with many human being possible. So now is the time you ask back, how well they know you. 

I was surfing the net today because i was frustrated with somethings that couldnt be mentioned in here. I've found out a web that let you create your own quiz and ask others anything. In my case, I wanted to find out how well people know me. So, if you really had known me for years,months,days,hours,minits and you feel brave enough to stand up for the challenge, feel free to answer my quiz.

Farhana wants to know how well you know about her. So, take the quiz and you'll see how well you will do and how well you know me. Hehe..creating it was fun. I dont know about you guys. But I'm sure answering it would be fun too. Just click on the link below and start answering me. So, enjoy~!

p/s: i want to know the results. paste your results at my comment box.hehe...nana nak tengok bape ramai yg kenal nana..huahhahhahah =p

Saturday, January 3, 2009