Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A start of a new Semester

A brand new semester on a new year's eve. Loving it. Today's first class for the semester was canceled and thank god that our time table is a bit more relaxed this semester. But today I've learned something new. 4Rs and 3Es. Learned in Environmental Engineering Class.


So,wtf you say..
Quite interesting seriously. An applied skills to maintain this 3 elements which are engineering, economy and ennvironment using those 4Rs.Lovely.This subject became more interesting because was thought by a foreign lecturer. A 'Sudan'ian. Dr. Abd Rahman. Background study yang sangat dahsyat. Deg.Hons in Petroluem Eng. Ms in Chemical Eng. Ms in Oil and Gas Eng. PhD in Petroluem Technology. ( haa...amek ko~!)

First day of class, Dr Abd Rahman dh bagi Ass.in.men. * a mean way to say assignment..huahahha..well..ni tengah buat ass in men la ni. rajin kan Farhana?? cepat angguk~!!
Sesambil buat ass in men, i was reading this. A preparation which i am so so nervous about. And i hate it.

GRADAsia 2008 (2009 nye tak amek lagi)

Anthe whole day i'm fussed about getting my membrane casting done by tomorrow.Seems impossible but i dont care. Nak siap cepat. Ade orang suruh. =p I miss him dearly. Tapi tak pe. Die kan busy nak naik pangkat..huahhaha..anyways..nothing more to write. Till next post. In hope of being the best in every single thing I can. InsyaAllah.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

CC (Cybercafe hang out)

Hanging out at the cyber cafe alone. Waiting for someone to be picked up from the train station. Bored and sleepy. Im too lazy to go back home. So, chill at the nearest CC.(nearest ke? mcm tak je) Cyber Cafe kat Mines.So, main HS5 sampai cramp jari jemari la kan..CC dh la sejuk. Played about 2 hours. Hehe...=) gian dh lame tak main.

Surfed up lots of things on the net. Tried out some quizes in Facebook. Here are some of the results.

Lovely Lady

You are lovely and caring. You help others and spread out a lot of sympathy. Your life aim maybe is to serve the people. But your weakness is that you forget about yourself, your own needs. All your time is hold back for your friends and family. You are always there for people in trouble. Ready for any emergency. You make a lot of sacrifices just to be a good human. But every woman has her needs, her longings and a destiny. Don't loose yourself in work or curing other people's souls. You will have your own problems in your life. Another problem is that you don't say your opinion when it's right and important to say it. People trample onto your soul if you are always so kind and lovely and helpful. They will play on you. Though you should try to relax more and enjoy your life, you should not loose the gift that was given to you to help others . Not everyone is created this way... You are unique and rare!

Done doing that, ape lagi.. YOUtube baby~!!

Bosan sangat dah..and watch this:

Im so falling in love with this song. Cus it tells a special story of someone.This song is dedicated to my sayang,my dear hazmil..amek~!! Hehe...Sejuk gile la CC ni.Waiting..n waiting..so so long..dh nak beku..main HS5..Doing blogs..everything.Not one of the best post i assume.My brain is frozen and cant think of anything. Im singin off..till next post.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Singapore Flyer

Today,woke up a bit late cus so tired from yesterday. But today yet another to explore. We went to t he Sinapore Flyers. Nice~Yang Malaysia punye pun tak dpt naik.Hehe..but this is one of the experience. Reaching 42 stories high, the Flyer comprises a 150 m (492 ft) diameter wheel, built over a three-story terminal building, giving it a total height of 165 m (541 ft). This exceeds the Star of Nanchang by 5 m (16 ft) and the London Eye by 30 m (98 ft). Each of the 28 air-conditioned capsules is capable of holding 28 passengers, and a complete rotation of the wheel takes approximately 30 minutes.

The first thing that we saw was the f1 pit stop and some of its track. The track that held the f1 recently. Singapore is underconstruction. They are building a huge casino in the island itself. So, not much to see in the day time. I bet in the night time it would be beautiful. Some other views from the Singapore Flyer:

The Singapore City
The Stone Jungle

A bit of esplanade and a soccer field

After we had enough of top view, we went for lunch at Arab Street. A stall named Zam Zam. They are famous for their Briyani and their Murtabak. Sumpah murtabak die jauh lebih sedap dr Malaysia punya..I Like~!

Murtabak Daging

Murtabak Ayam

Cucumber and Ketchup

After a wonderful lunch at Zam Zam, we took a walk at Arab Street and Hajji Street. Aan wanted to find clothes from indipendant labels. So, we strolled and was looking at the shops there on the Arab Street. Wasnt what I expected. Expensive indipendant labels. But the trip was fun and ejoyable. Ateyn took some nice pictures of me. I dont know..but the pictures are nice..not the person inside it..You would agree..ahahhahha...

Fewwhh...Cant wait to get back to KL this coming 24th. Im missing someone badly. Since, he's busy working, i cant even call him. Cian, keje sampai malam..X pe. Once im back in KL, Im going to see him if he's not busy..kalau bz pn..nak jumpe jugak~!!. Ok..off to bed.Tomorrow is another adventure. We're visitting the zoo..Mak aii..cm budak kecik..hmm..but its in the schedule..bedal je la..So till next post.
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A day of journey to Temasek.(Singapura)

We departed from bangi at 9.30am. Mom insisted on sending her car to wash before starting the journey.The best thing was, we woke up darn early but we ended up getting out from the house around 8.With no breakfast,empty stomach, we all start the journey. 4 days in Singapore with out excess of handphone. I mean, boleh je gune tp rates die..amboi~! RM1 per sms.I told anybody who wanted to be updated about me to refer my blog as a source of information. Sini, Internet FREE!

So, yesterday, arrived in Singapore around noon. Imegresen la lame beno.Benci~.After that, we went to our 3rd cousin's house.(Atuk nye cousin,Mak punye 2nd cousin, n we're the 3rd cousins la kot~) =)
Lunch and streched our legs and back.Start jalan2 in Singapore~! We went to Tangs to buy Aan's Chef Knifes. Zwilings knife. Germany made knife which is very expensive in KL. Jauh beno aan beli pisau die. After that, Cik At brought us to Faber Mt (was the highest peak of Singpore) and we saw this.

Jungle of Stones

A symbol of Singapore the Merlion

We went to Vivocity. Cantek~Design of Architechture sangat cantik~!Since Singpore has not much of attraction, so they have to build something attractive. And of course in Singapore you c an feel the festive calling..Christmas~!!but Vivocity was nice~ It was crowded though. Every shops that we went to was. Adoiyyaaiii..Singporians shopping time weekend cam gilee..

A walk at Vivocity


Sexy Aan

We had stuff to eat when we were hungry. We had something special. Tak de kot kat KL. The name is Rojak Bakar. Standard kat KL Rojak buah or Rojak mee..Haa..ni special sket..Rojak Bakar. Consist of 'Chakoi' and 'tauhu' goreng. And top with sweet,sour sauce and some crushed peanuts. Sedap~

Rojak Bakar

And for dinner, lots and lots of food. From Satay, to grilled chicken wings and some mee goreng.

I ate lots and lots of these..Being unaware of my own allergy. I cant eat chicken and eggs. Tapi bedal je..

Grilled Chicken Wings

Enjoying the greatest thing in life

Top: Aan enjoying his

Bottom: Ateyn and Cik At

Man of the hour~!! Yayi~!

At last, after a hardcore dinner, we went to Cik At's house. Staying there for a few days. When we arrived there, Cik At made a big surprise to Aan. Check this out~

A gift for the future Chef. Cook nice stuff and more

As for me, this is it.Till next post.

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

A day to remember

Sepatuku & Sepatumu

Yesterday:I went out with my not-so-but-sometime-is prince charming. A day full of wittiness and happiness.What more to expect.Its neither you're laughing like hell or you're laughing till you develop an amount of tears in your eyes. Pick himup from his work place. First impression, wah..segak..kemas..Then, he went into the car." Assalamualaikum".Ok lagi la time tu. But after a while, after tonnes of his everyday experience story..Dh lame2..dah tak boleh tahan..kua la gile die tu..
Sayang sama dia~! Started of, went to OU. Last minute decision. Dalam jam tu decide nk pegi OU.Sampai OU,dont know what to do.So, we have our lunch at Teppanyaki.

Both of us ate chicken teppanyaki.Hazmil odered fuji snow which he knocks down half of the 'ais kacang'.Jatuh bersepai atas meja.Haiyaa..sayang..After lunch, still dont know what to do.Lepak kat kerusi2 yg kt tepi2 tu..Lepak n photo taking.

Chicken Teppanyaki: Chicken,Vege,Rice and Pickled Ginger

Di OU.

After we ran out of ideas,Hazmil decided that we went for our Zohor prayers and head off somewhere else. We went to The Mines.Again with nothing to do. Last2, kaki sakit..i bought a new pair of flipflop. Hazmil kate die rindu Yana. So, I gave her a call and ask her where is she right at that moment. "Malam ni jom arr tgk bola. Malaysian Universities vs Thailand's Universities". We went to a ball game near bangi. Best~!!Got me yelling and screaming like an old lady.

At the stadium.

With Yana and Hazmil.

Hazmil were a bit wacky that night.Why? I simply cant explain. Here are some pictures that show how adorable my sayang is~!

See, I told you he's adorable. Hari ni kua agak pancit. Cus im driving and i didnt really get enough sleep.Tapi, as long as the day has Hazmil in it. ITS ALL WORTH IT~!!Till next post.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Yet another boring post~!

OMG..I've finished half of my final year project. One week of sweat, frustration and depression. Lonely and missing someone. Yet, I've finally done it by my own (ayat tak bleh bla..of course with some help from Zu and Juan)..Anyways yesterday was the last day I went to the lab to do my tests. After all the stirring, testing, measuring and stirring again..I get the optimum ratio of my polysulfone membrane solution. Tada~!

Polysulfone membrane solution

Yesterday went for degassing the solution in the clean room. Sangat lame. I have to wait till 99 mins. So that the tiny bubbles in the solution is 'degassed' from the solution. Quite a boring day i might say. Here are some pictures. And this may be my last post about my research. Pasni nana post mende lain plak. Since this is the only thing that is currently 'happening' (happening la sangat). Ye la..Orang lain dah sibuk2 post blog pasal 'INTERNSHIP or LATIHAN INDUSTRI or KERJA~!!'. Since i dont fall under that category, cite la pasal final year project.

Here are some pictures from yesterday event~!:

This is the ultrasonic degasser. Like i said, i need to degass my solution. So, puan-puan dan ibu-ibu di rumah, letak kan botol2 susu anak2 ke dalam degasser ini supaya anak2 akan dapat menikmati susu yg tak de belon2 udara yang akan membuatkan anak2 kembung perut selepas minum susu.

And then you will get something like this. See.. 
All the yellow stuff in the bottle is the solution that we worked our ass out to get the optimum ratio. Bapak susah nk buat mende ni. Letih. Zue's one smell like daun pandan. But mine..fishy smell like ikan busuk..haiiishhh..You can see in the picture, the back rows are Zue's. Mine the front row. The most left n the middle cute one. yang kat tepi yg besar tu, Azam punye.

When degassing, we found out the the gas really were coming out from the solution. It was pretty cool. Impressive. Biasa la orang kuno duk kat dlm dunia hi-tech. It was worth the sweat. Kalau dapat grade cam taik utk subjek ni..memang~! Kes bunuh la lepas ni..

Night time activity. Macam biasa..Melalak n mencari makanan kerana UMP's Cafe sucks~!
My night time buddies. Zue,Azzu and Juan~!!But this pics are taken in Zue's room.So, Juan tak de laa..pitty him..

I had fun.~
Ok, now i have to pack my stuff and go back to KL. Someone waiting for me. Till next post.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

A day of events~!

A day of history. Started of with a very brand new day for some people who had started a new chapter of his life. A lot of things happen today. Start of with one of the highest priority of mine, my URP~! Today, i've done 2 out of 3 of my membrane dope solution with the help of Zuriah Ismail..of course(cayang kamu~!). Setting up the apparatus was like hell. The overhead stirrer tu..mak aii..(berat macam pu..)

Anyway the apparatus for mixing my solution somehow look like this.

A mixing apparatus design by Nana n Zue
The blue thingy is the overhead stirrer, the white thingy is the heating element, the glass thing with the white tubes is the condenser and the round bottom vessel is the place where the dope solution is mix. Looks simple but setting up everything took me an hour. Juan( Zue's bf) was with us the whole day from morning till night. Yes..yes..we were at the lab from (7.45am-8.30pm). So since he brought a camera with him, we were the membrane super diva..mestila amek gamba kan kan kan?
Here are some shots:

Experiments are dangerous and hazardous. Dealing with toxic and flammable reagents. A true chemical engineer. Die die~!

Handling toxic is kind of the challenge.You can end up inhaling it and become high five mins later. So PPE is the most important thing. But still, although doing it in the fume hood, you can still smell the uneasy fume. Like mine, smell like rotten fish plus petai and ikan masin basi..Yucckkk~!

Ya, puan-puan, ibu-ibu dirumah. Inilah hasil campuran membrane yang dah siap 4 jam kacau. Its like melted sugar but stinky and can cause you your life ..

So, enough bout that. Lets talk about something else. Like..errmmm...first day of internship?Not me..Someone else.Today is his first day in the working world. Lucky him and unlucky me. I wonder what it feels like to be in a working world. In my condition right now, botak kepala la pikir. Membrane lagi ape lagi..haiyyaa..Wish him well for the coming future.

Emerson is where technology and engineering come together to create solutions for the benefit of our customers, driven without compromise for a world in action.
Emerson Brand Promise

See, Emerson ade brand promise. If the person working in Emerson tak bleh uphold to the brand promise, bleh kene saman la Emerson..hehehe...Watchout~!
Oh one more thing that happened to me today is that, i get to check my pointer. A bit down yet happy. What the heck~! Its just numbers.

At the end of a kind of a perfect day, went out to have dinner with Zue,Juan and Azzu (Roomate Zue). Azzu sebok promote blog die. Hehe..Readers dont forget to read her up in her own blog. Till then, more to complaint later.

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