Tuesday, February 24, 2009

PSM day

21 February 2009
Started of with a bright sunny day and when everybody is still in bed, I went to the lab to get my experiment running and get my data. To cut the story short, I've spend the whole day from 9am to 5 pm at the lab. Doing this:
22 February 2009
A crazy day. Went to the lab at 7.00am and went back to the hostel at 9.30pm. 14 hours in the lab. of course we took our breaks for zohor and asar prayers. but everything was done in the lab. Doing this:

FYI: The tanks are all taller than me and heavier. I went back with a pain in my back and in my shoulder blades. I knocked my head got several times with the pressure regulators because i wasnt wearing my PPE. I've worked my ass that day for 14 solid hours and went back 100% exhausted. So, the question is...am i up to it next week? Will update this soon~

"Jealousy is always born with love; it does not always die with it"

This is taken from Azam. What a beautiful and touching love story they had. Hehe..(try to be positive...padahal..) Let me explain what happen in the picture. Both of them have this sensational feelings towards each other. They care and love each other very much. Its beyond friendship and brotherhood. One will sacrifice ones need to give pleasure to other (lain macam je bunyi..i didnt mean it in a gay way..but if Azam feels that way..tak pe la.. *blinkblink )

How does a girlfriend react when she sees this kind of pictures?(for some girls..including me)
1) shocked cus he never ever mentioned that he's partially gay or some sort
2) try to absorb and understand the picture, the environment and the relationship
3) be calm and advice yourself..its ok.he's hugging another man not another girl (ahaks...~)

I see this picture in a different way. Besides their relationship as friends, I see that both of them as soulmates (member yang mmg sejiwa la..) and its hard to find relationship like this. I have onced experience such( a female bestfriend ) but the relationship only last for 8 years and it ended badly. For these two guys, I respect them because they put aside their differences and understand each other very well. Although they're miles apart, they still kept on going and hope they will. Both of them does mean something in my life. Azam= my classmate,rakan seperjuangan..although ko tak tau ni Azam, I admire you (not in 'sayang' way but in a 'academic,ketokohan ko' way) from day one we met in class time minggu minds and have been my inspiration of debating and speaking in public. Hazmil= my sayang and love of my life and also have been my insipiration and strength in facing everything.

So, readers..if you happen to be clashing anything like this, all the girlfriends out there..Men are complicated. Sometime they need another man to understand them. We, women sometimes need another women right? So do men..tapi jangan lebey2 aaa...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


In recent post on Cupcake for Mel..I've decided that since I cant do all of the readers who requested cupcakes from me. So, why not you guys try it out yourself hmm? its damn easy la wey..

Basic Chocolate Cup Cake Recipe

5 oz (150g)Butter - softened
5 oz (150g)superfine (castor) sugar
6 oz (175g)self-raising flour
2 tblscocoa powder
1 tspvanilla extract
1.Pre-heat the oven to 350oF (180oC).
2.Line a 12 cup cake pan, with cup cake papers.
3.Crack the eggs into a cup and beat lightly with a fork.
4.Place all the ingredients in a large bowl.
5.Beat with an electric mixer for 2 minutes, until light and creamy.
6.Divide the mixture evenly between the cake cases.
7.Bake for 18-20 minutes until risen and firm to touch.
8.Allow to cool for a few minutes and then transfer to a wire rack.
9.Allow to cool fully before icing.

The topping for mine was butter cream frosting if u wanted something else, u might try choc frosting.

Butter Cream Frosting

5 oz (150g)Butter - softened
8 oz (250g)confectioners (icing) sugar
1 tspvanilla
2 tsphot water
1.Beat together the butter and sugar with an electric beater.
2.Once well combined, add the vanilla and water. Beat until smooth and creamy.

Monday, February 16, 2009


A dillema that all final year students have to undergo before we finally graduated. a fckd up situation for those that had been rejected and it will b more fckd up the reason u got rejected is because of your bloody damn pointer..bloody hell~

In my case, I've been requesting application for various chemical, oil-gas, pharmaceuticals, environmental engineering fields but for the time being only several replied back and some haven't even consider my application. The world out there is actually cruel and full with unfairness, but it is a thing that every human being has to bare. I might been rejected and unwanted, but i have to keep on trying until i get accepted.Ya Allah, please get me through this safely and with a tonnes load of patience. It has been a roller coaster ride for from the beginning of this semester.

Alhamdulillah, I've gone through a lot but with the help of all my beloved ones, I've been OK. (after all the sweat, the tears, the cursing...terjatuh tergelongsor tapi ade orang bangunkn semula). To all my dear friends and family <---gaya pakej digi je...It has been a bumpy road, but we are together in resolving every issues. thanks guys n gurls~

Hope that I will get up next morning and hoping that tomorrow will be brighter and sunnier~
This internship thing...is just a merely-tiny test that I have to face before the enormously-big-huge cruelity of the real world out there..no more mister nice guy~

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hope it gives you HELL~!

My new favorite song and actually sum up what happen today. It should not be mention here. But for those who knew, so this a tribute to anything that irritates me today~! and hope it gives 'you' hell. Fewwh~!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy 23rd birthday Sayang~!

Today is the day that my Sayang turned 23 years old. So proud of him~!! Went back to KL just to celebrate his birthday early because Pahang tak cuti hari Isnin. Went out on a pre-birthday celebration on the 7th (baik punye awek). There were a lot of things happened before the 7th. Preparing for a suprise present was one thing, to keep it a secret to make it a suprise was the other.

His wish was to get a brand new guitar with his own money (alahai..cian die..). So after doing some budgetting I realise that a guitar is the perfect present for him this year. I've searched for the perfect guitar from last week. We even had a fight because I went out and came back late to buy his guitar (but he doesnt know that i went out to buy his birthday present..tau marah je.x pe..B tak kesah pun kene marah). I even went out with a guy (he insisted in helping me pick out the best one~). After all the fuss about his present, I wanted to do a little something extra so that he remembers his 23rd birthday and his 1st birthday celebrated with me.

I made him a home-made cupcakes~! (sah sah memang menang award awek terbaik laaa..). The way to win a man's heart is through his stomach..so, it was my first time actually. I've baked cakes before tapi untuk makan kat umah je..so who cares if it doesnt taste as good or look good. But this...this is perfection baby~.

Choc Cuppies b4 bake
Choc Cuppies after bake

So that was the perfection of my lovely cupcakes for a lovely person that I love most~! Happy birthday sayang~!

Friday, February 6, 2009


KUANTAN 3 Feb. - Sikap segelintir pegawai dan kakitangan yang tidak berdisiplin menjadi salah satu punca Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) berada di kedudukan hampir tercorot di kalangan institusi pengajian tinggi awam (IPTA) di negara ini.

Naib Canselor UMP, Profesor Datuk Dr. Daing Nasir Ibrahim menegaskan, pihaknya kesal dengan sikap pegawai dan kakitangan terbabit yang lebih mengutamakan soal remeh temeh tanpa memberi perhatian kepada aspek kualiti.

''Ada pegawai dan kakitangan yang menjadikan majlis-majlis pelancaran, perasmian dan perjumpaan di Kuala Lumpur atau di tempat lain sebagai keutamaan berbanding dalam universiti ini.

''Kita lebih kerap memberi perhatian kepada perkara yang remeh. Kadangkala lebih menitikberatkan protokol dan kedudukan," katanya ketika menyampaikan Amanat Tahunan 2009 di depan kira-kira 4,000 warga UMP di kompleks sukan universiti itu di sini hari ini.

Teguran Naib Canselor itu disambut dengan tepukan gemuruh ribuan pelajar yang hadir pada majlis tersebut.

Daing Nasir menegaskan, terdapat pegawai universiti itu yang kurang mengambil berat hal ehwal pelajar selain tidak mementingkan masa.

''Peraturan yang dikenakan kepada pelajar juga tertumpu kepada perkara remeh-temeh berasaskan andaian dan buruk sangka.

''Kita lebih cenderung kepada perkara yang mudah seperti membuat peraturan ketat kepada pelajar sedangkan pegawai itu sendiri kurang selesa dengan perkara yang mencabar untuk meningkatkan kebajikan pelajar dan staf," katanya.

Menurutnya, kedudukan UMP di kedudukan hampir tercorot di kalangan IPTA di negara ini mengejutkan pihak pentadbiran universiti kecuali bagi 'mereka yang masih lena'.

Daing Nasir turut mengingatkan pegawai UMP supaya tidak 'syok sendiri' dalam menjalankan aktiviti seperti penerbitan sehingga kegiatan yang dilakukan tidak memberi impak kepada dunia di luar kampus.

Sehubungan itu, beliau mahu setiap pegawai dan kakitangan UMP memberi nafas baru kepada slogan universiti iaitu 'kejuruteraan, teknologi dan kreativiti.'

''UMP memerlukan rekaan semula, berteknologi dan berinovasi. Nama UMP jelas telah memberikan kulit baru kepada universiti ini tetapi isinya masih jauh lagi dari sebuah universiti terkemuka dalam banyak aspek," katanya.

* This is taken from Ikhwan's Blog.But seriously...what is going on people? How can our university be one of the bottoms ones?Help..how can i put that in my resume?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

All well, ends well

I am so lucky today that although with a limited time to recalculate everything but my team and I nailed ( I might say, as the presentation was OK). A job well done to all including myself for I've been draining my brains calculating the sizing and design for Reboiler and Condenser. People say that last minute work will not be as high quality as the work you've done before the dateline. Today showed that my last minute reconstructing, recalculate, redo were all worth it.

I might say that the panels did asked some killer questions but as one of a responsible member, I played my part in honestly answering them with the exact answers..and what do u know? My answer was acceptable. Alhamdulillah. Overall presentation a bit lengthy because we talked so much on HAZOP rather then concentrating on the Process Control and the controlling and transmitting systems. Dahsyat jugak la hari ni.

The panels suggested that we should actually change the control system. Mak aih..banyak aku membebel hr ni. but we've decided that we are going to do our best in our next coming presentation which is the last, the ultimate ONE. Pray to God all ends well. Amin~

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Plant Design madness

For those out there who are dreaming on becoming an engineer..a chemical engineer specifically,hope you have a lot of guts in you. This week was one of the toughest week ever. My plant design preparation. Our presentation is tomorrow..Yikes~! I've been grumbling and staying up all night just to do some calculations..some? SOME?
Calculations involving more than 5 reference books. Handbook itu..handbook ini. Last Sunday, I've done half of the calculations and found out that my nose is bleeding. Bedarah hidung tu beb~ Wacayalu..Plant design is pretty serious shit and i mean it. Designing the plant. Calculating the mass balance and energy balance. Equipment sizing (my part). HAZOP. (for those who are taking engineering may know all this crap..for those who are not..you are welcome to learn). Thank God its a group work. There are 5 of us. Nana.Jiji.Zue.Wan.Amer. Combined brains and sweat to get everything done by tomorrow evening.

The calculations, the diagrams and the slides. Mampus~!!
Let me show you our plant, so you guys can take a peek of our 'wonderfulness' of what we call Plant Design.
This might look simple but, it was so hard to do the calculation and this is the simplest design that we can create. Our project is about designing a gas processing plant that produce 500MMSCFD of sales gas (Methane) and NGLs (Natural Gas Liquids). My job is to calculate the sizing of a distillation column (the cylindrical shape) , a reboiler (round shape) and a condenser (looks similarly like reboiler).

You thinks its easy? ha? ha? Bapak susah tau~! I've done apparently 4 times of 5 pages of calculation just to get an exact size and logical figure. Baru engineer wey...Done with my distillation column, need to calculate the size of my reboiler and condenser. I hope I can get it done before tomorrow. Ya Allah, permudahkan la segala urusanku. Amin~
I tell you guys what happen after the presentation is over tomorrow. Hope and pray for the best and let Allah do the rest.