Saturday, November 29, 2008


We went to a movie at Alamanda Putrajaya.It was my mother's plan since she wanted to make up from her tide schedule.So we went to a movie.The choice were "Selamat Pagi Cinta" and "Twilight".Of course Twilight was full house (only second row seats were available).So, a malay production (support Malaysian Movies..duhh).

So,despite the intriguing opening, this love drama baby doesn't really live up to expectations. Although it stands out because of the enticing title, the story is rather tacky. Some would even say it's shallow with clear weaknesses here and there, turning it into a somewhat frustrating film.But again, what do i know about the film industry eh? A bit dissapointed in the end.Mom was nearly sleeping half way.Atin,Shy and me, couldnt stop laughing,although it was a sad scene.*We should have just watched Twilight,seating in the second row seats..dang it~
More to tell..tomorrow is another story.

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bengang betul.