Friday, November 28, 2008

A start of another blog

Hey again..

Guess i dont know how to start another blog.Another new blog.This time I'll be loyal to this blog.Since its a new a beginning,another blurb about my life i guess?

Hmm what to begin with..
A little description about moi.Although there's already an 'about me' at the side, but it wont do any harm by telling everybody about myself here ^.^

A not-so-typical average malay girl who is dying to get out of her house and live her life as she please.Music,food,a good book,entertainment..interest her most.Love to talk and write but time envies her so she dont really have the time to write everything down.Try to be single for at least more than one month but couldnt.Hey..if there's a nice guy come knocking on your cant say 'no' can you?Still studying..darn it~..enjoying her life in campus which actually suck balls.A very wild thinker and a wild dreamer.Love travelling but havent got enough Gs to spend.Trying hard to figure out what life is all about.Trying so hard to evolve into a confident+vibrant+responsible+happy+witty grown lady someday.InsyaAllah.

From today onwards, i'll be posting a lil by lil, part or bit if my life on my post. And maintaining this one and only blog..I hope ;)

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