Wednesday, February 4, 2009

All well, ends well

I am so lucky today that although with a limited time to recalculate everything but my team and I nailed ( I might say, as the presentation was OK). A job well done to all including myself for I've been draining my brains calculating the sizing and design for Reboiler and Condenser. People say that last minute work will not be as high quality as the work you've done before the dateline. Today showed that my last minute reconstructing, recalculate, redo were all worth it.

I might say that the panels did asked some killer questions but as one of a responsible member, I played my part in honestly answering them with the exact answers..and what do u know? My answer was acceptable. Alhamdulillah. Overall presentation a bit lengthy because we talked so much on HAZOP rather then concentrating on the Process Control and the controlling and transmitting systems. Dahsyat jugak la hari ni.

The panels suggested that we should actually change the control system. Mak aih..banyak aku membebel hr ni. but we've decided that we are going to do our best in our next coming presentation which is the last, the ultimate ONE. Pray to God all ends well. Amin~

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Dyat said...

Moga sukses di final presentation!