Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Plant Design madness

For those out there who are dreaming on becoming an engineer..a chemical engineer specifically,hope you have a lot of guts in you. This week was one of the toughest week ever. My plant design preparation. Our presentation is tomorrow..Yikes~! I've been grumbling and staying up all night just to do some calculations..some? SOME?
Calculations involving more than 5 reference books. Handbook itu..handbook ini. Last Sunday, I've done half of the calculations and found out that my nose is bleeding. Bedarah hidung tu beb~ Wacayalu..Plant design is pretty serious shit and i mean it. Designing the plant. Calculating the mass balance and energy balance. Equipment sizing (my part). HAZOP. (for those who are taking engineering may know all this crap..for those who are not..you are welcome to learn). Thank God its a group work. There are 5 of us. Nana.Jiji.Zue.Wan.Amer. Combined brains and sweat to get everything done by tomorrow evening.

The calculations, the diagrams and the slides. Mampus~!!
Let me show you our plant, so you guys can take a peek of our 'wonderfulness' of what we call Plant Design.
This might look simple but, it was so hard to do the calculation and this is the simplest design that we can create. Our project is about designing a gas processing plant that produce 500MMSCFD of sales gas (Methane) and NGLs (Natural Gas Liquids). My job is to calculate the sizing of a distillation column (the cylindrical shape) , a reboiler (round shape) and a condenser (looks similarly like reboiler).

You thinks its easy? ha? ha? Bapak susah tau~! I've done apparently 4 times of 5 pages of calculation just to get an exact size and logical figure. Baru engineer wey...Done with my distillation column, need to calculate the size of my reboiler and condenser. I hope I can get it done before tomorrow. Ya Allah, permudahkan la segala urusanku. Amin~
I tell you guys what happen after the presentation is over tomorrow. Hope and pray for the best and let Allah do the rest.


Bubbly said...

Nana Blair dear....Good luck!!!

May u and ur team get through it smoothly and succesfully...


Adnan Siddiqui said...

Interesting! A link to your blog post was included in a daily alert via Google about chemical engineering that I have set up.

I am an engineering entrepreneur in Houston working in the chemical plant design area.

I would like to see a copy of your presentation if you are willing to share it - please send it to aasiddiqui at engineeredprojects.com.

Good luck!