Monday, February 16, 2009

A dillema that all final year students have to undergo before we finally graduated. a fckd up situation for those that had been rejected and it will b more fckd up the reason u got rejected is because of your bloody damn pointer..bloody hell~

In my case, I've been requesting application for various chemical, oil-gas, pharmaceuticals, environmental engineering fields but for the time being only several replied back and some haven't even consider my application. The world out there is actually cruel and full with unfairness, but it is a thing that every human being has to bare. I might been rejected and unwanted, but i have to keep on trying until i get accepted.Ya Allah, please get me through this safely and with a tonnes load of patience. It has been a roller coaster ride for from the beginning of this semester.

Alhamdulillah, I've gone through a lot but with the help of all my beloved ones, I've been OK. (after all the sweat, the tears, the cursing...terjatuh tergelongsor tapi ade orang bangunkn semula). To all my dear friends and family <---gaya pakej digi je...It has been a bumpy road, but we are together in resolving every issues. thanks guys n gurls~

Hope that I will get up next morning and hoping that tomorrow will be brighter and sunnier~
This internship just a merely-tiny test that I have to face before the enormously-big-huge cruelity of the real world out more mister nice guy~

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pinkiecinderella said...

it's ok nana..sabar yer..slalu nyer last2 minute pnye offer lagi mengancam woo..lagi gempak..ner tau nana tergolong dlm golongan yg bertuah tu..hehe..wish you all the best dear..sabar yer nana..usaha lagi k..