Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Jealousy is always born with love; it does not always die with it"

This is taken from Azam. What a beautiful and touching love story they had. Hehe..(try to be positive...padahal..) Let me explain what happen in the picture. Both of them have this sensational feelings towards each other. They care and love each other very much. Its beyond friendship and brotherhood. One will sacrifice ones need to give pleasure to other (lain macam je bunyi..i didnt mean it in a gay way..but if Azam feels that way..tak pe la.. *blinkblink )

How does a girlfriend react when she sees this kind of pictures?(for some girls..including me)
1) shocked cus he never ever mentioned that he's partially gay or some sort
2) try to absorb and understand the picture, the environment and the relationship
3) be calm and advice yourself..its ok.he's hugging another man not another girl (ahaks...~)

I see this picture in a different way. Besides their relationship as friends, I see that both of them as soulmates (member yang mmg sejiwa la..) and its hard to find relationship like this. I have onced experience such( a female bestfriend ) but the relationship only last for 8 years and it ended badly. For these two guys, I respect them because they put aside their differences and understand each other very well. Although they're miles apart, they still kept on going and hope they will. Both of them does mean something in my life. Azam= my classmate,rakan seperjuangan..although ko tak tau ni Azam, I admire you (not in 'sayang' way but in a 'academic,ketokohan ko' way) from day one we met in class time minggu minds and have been my inspiration of debating and speaking in public. Hazmil= my sayang and love of my life and also have been my insipiration and strength in facing everything.

So, readers..if you happen to be clashing anything like this, all the girlfriends out there..Men are complicated. Sometime they need another man to understand them. We, women sometimes need another women right? So do men..tapi jangan lebey2 aaa...


x-m(kazikarin) said...

HU3..been a lil bz lately..baru sempat nk tgok..

firstly: totally agree..soulmate,sedih chot xde gambar (poyo chot)..tapi dah jauhm susah nk contact,blah arr mel

secondly: admire me??? uhuk3..cant really see my own quality but appreciate the thoughts...
(sometimes we see ourself from people'eyes..ahaks)

B, Queen B said...

firstly:dnt tell me that chot will do the same hug with both of you guys? waduh..apa aja yang korang tak buat? contact je la die..susah kalau nana jd pengantara ni.die tunggu azam call..azam tunggu die call..cm mane? u guys work things out~
secondly: yeah.u do have the qualities.only u urself either didnt realize or tired of listening people criticized u because you're nearing perfection..biasala orang dengki.me myself,dh mcm serik je nk ber'english2' dlm kelas.bia la kt blog ni je...yoosshhh~!!!

Bubbly said...

gile funny this pic. and yeah i agree...it's better if our men hugging a guy than a girl. hehe

anyway, mana buku hati kita ni nana.. i am waiting tau. =P

belle (bukan nama sebenar) said...

oh no..my boyfriend hugging ur boyfriend..hehe

xpe2..xjeles ponn..

aMMerZ said...

~hi NaNa~first time to see u blogging, WOW,not bad!!Random question~why Gas Student always tend to be GAY @ BI-couple, That's so disgusting,euuww!! FOR GOD SAKE, kill them!!!