Monday, January 5, 2009

Bored and nothing to do

Have you ever thought on how well people know you? You have been existing on the surface of the earth for a certain period of time and have interact with many human being possible. So now is the time you ask back, how well they know you. 

I was surfing the net today because i was frustrated with somethings that couldnt be mentioned in here. I've found out a web that let you create your own quiz and ask others anything. In my case, I wanted to find out how well people know me. So, if you really had known me for years,months,days,hours,minits and you feel brave enough to stand up for the challenge, feel free to answer my quiz.

Farhana wants to know how well you know about her. So, take the quiz and you'll see how well you will do and how well you know me. Hehe..creating it was fun. I dont know about you guys. But I'm sure answering it would be fun too. Just click on the link below and start answering me. So, enjoy~!

p/s: i want to know the results. paste your results at my comment box.hehe...nana nak tengok bape ramai yg kenal nana..huahhahhahah =p


pinkiecinderella said...

i got 92%

B, Queen B said...

waaahh....pandai nye emi~!!you got among the heighest~!!congrats~

B, Queen B said...

zack kann..die kann..dpt 58% first trial~!huhu

pinkiecinderella said...

xpe..she'll get 100% soon..she's your best mate me =) tul x zack?