Monday, January 12, 2009

I got tagged by Emi

Rules & Regulations:
-do not copy answers
-the tag questions must be 100% the same
-tag people after doing tag
-no tagging back

I tag:

[1]How do you know 1?
Softskill 2 workshop in UMP

[2]What would you do if you never met 2?
Never will found a person that so 'Paris Hilton' yet lovable as she is

[3]What would you do if 3 and 4 dated you?
It will turned out to be the most crazy date i've ever been

[4]Would 5 and 6 make a good couple?
Couple of serious people i guess..teehee..

[5]Do you think 7 is attractive?
Yes.She has nice ass..sorry azzu.

[6]Do you know anything about 8's family?
Yes.5 siblings.Live in Yan,Kedah..

[7]Tell me something about 9...
He's no 8's boyfriend.A serious fella but still a bit cuckoo.Berkulit hitam manis (ye ke ni?) A loyal friend and doesnt think what people think about him.

[8]What language does 2 speak?
Malay,English,Mandarin(beginners level) and Arabic (pro i guess..)

[9]Who is 3 goin out with?
Start with the letter 'B'...betul tak hani?

[10]How old is number 4?
This year she's 22 years old.

[11] 5?

[12]Who is 6's favourite singer?
I dont really know.Cus she love various singers.

[13]7 ?
Any rock kapak singer will do..hehe..azzu aku tak taw laa...

[14]Is 8 single?
definitely NOT~!

[15]What is 9's last name?
Muhammad<---i think i spell it correctly.

[16]Would you consider being in a relationship with 1?
I am in a relationship with 1. Not need to reconsider.tahaa~

[17]Which school does 2 go to?
MRSM or SBP in Johor.

[18]What do you like about 3?
Lovable roomate as number 2 and 5.


:: p R i n c E s S _ N :: said...

wahh...rajen woo wat tag...

B, Queen B said...

ngah busan la ain oii..hehe..bile mau kawen?

Ir Juan said...

nana...x paham la cmne nk jawab soalan tag tue.

GurL wItH hApPiNeSs said...

aku tagged ko..haha