Wednesday, January 28, 2009

27th January 2009

The last day in Bali and we were chilling in the room with nothing to do. Wake up as usual and decided to just stay in the hotel. I wanted to spent time in the pool but a bit lazy to get out off bed. Tengahari buta baru nk kua gi pantai. Time tu panas die tak bleh blah la kan. Anyway, I’ve already got tanned from the day before so why not just lay down and burn my skin a little bit more. So, Aan kecoh main layang2 die beli kat Kintamani smalam and he insisted that me and ateyn check out his kite at the beach. Kitorang ngan sua pendek nye tanpa sunblock belari la ke pantai yang sangat panas.Aan gave his kite a name (ngade kan?) Name die Naggasaqti (Na-ga-sak-ti). After seeing him play for a few minutes, I can feel my skin starts to sting. Sunburn la tu..wakakka..Ade minah Jepun ni, letih duduk berjam-jam tan kan badan, aku duduk tak sampai 15 min pun dh nak rentung..huahahha..that’s the best thing being a pure Malay girl. Lupe nak cite pasal malam smalam. I went to the lobby because I wanted to use the internet connection. I didn’t know that you have to pay for the internet access. So I went to the reception desk and ask. Dialog die cam ni:
Nana: Excuse me. How can I get the internet access?
Lobby man: Do you have your laptop and you voucher?
Nana: What voucher? Oh, you need to pay for the internet?
Lobby man: Yes. It should be with the room entitlement.
Nana: I’m sorry. I didn’t know about that. How much do you charge per usage?
Lobby man: 30,000 per hour. Where are you from?
Nana: Malaysia
Lobby man: Malaysia? But your face look like you’re Indonesian and your slang is like American.
Nana: Oh really (dlm hati muke aku ni ade rupe indon ke?) May be because I’m half minang and half jawa.
Lobby man: Can I know your name?
Nana: Farhana. Ya, saya orang Malaysia. Nggak percaya kah?
Lobby man: My name is Agus. You speak very good English.
Nana: Nggak la. Biasa2 aja.

Yang kelakar tu, aku dh cakap indon pun die nak gak bantai BI ngan aku. Haha..muke indon..bapak sadis gle..Overall the stay was delightful and next time we come and visit it would be a full week vacation. Honeymoon perhaps? Ahaks.


:: p R i n c E s S _ N :: said...

uishh...ko mmg terer speaking beb...ley bkak cls t..

Bubbly Sabrina said...

pas ni aku nak panggil ko minah indon lah.. hehe..

p/s: tgh tunggu our book of hearts

B, Queen B said...

Ain: nggak papa la ain.biasa2 aja..waduh..

Sab: jgn la wey..but im proud of my mixture..see..i have a pure Malay blood line..u? hehe..jgn jeles..

Dyat said...

uit ni nana ke?
ni aku dayat gas.
aku klik dr blog ray.

nampak best gak bali ni...
takde souvenir ke?

isha said...

keep writing your post in english...i like it.And i am not a malaysian dear,i am an INDIAN staying in INDIA.But most of the blog friends are malaysian only...OK...