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Since wanted to get my PSM done on time, hr ni menjalani eksperimen yg tanpa henti. 2 hours of degassing my solution and in the evening i want to CAST my this moment, im sitting in the cold clean room with my laptop and handphones, writing my report for today.

Excited nk fabricate membrane hr ni. Tp tak tau la outcome die mcm mane..
Ngah bosan tunggu membrane solution siap, I ran through NST online and read up on the front page for today's news. Such a popular and will not end topic. W.A.R.+Human Rights.

Tertimbul la satu persoalan, What does human rights stands for?

Does this looks like human rights to us?

Children been killed with no reasons. What is happening to the world today? Are we keeping our mouth shut and just stay put in our country happily with no worries at all? If it could happen to Gaza, why wouldnt it happen to others?Where do the humans stand? If day by day, human are killing each other?

Dalam kes ni, tiada siapa yg boleh menunding jari kepada sesiapa. Its your own responsibility to uphold your own ethics as human beings. The picture has shown how well we respect others and it show how well we applied our educations and believes. As a Muslim myself, I am aware of my own virtue and uphold it every single day so that life wouldnt be as terrible as it seems. But the question is,why they are still killing each other out there and there's nothing we can do about it?

Banyak blog dah tulis itu ini,gerakan itu ini,boikot itu ini,but still as an action,things are getting even worst. Boikot ke ape ke?Like En Hafiz said in the lab today, things like these, we have to get in touch with our roots,our Creator. Ask back what we have done wrong that we deserve something this bad? Then, with a lil bit of faith,hope and doa, InsyaAllah He will work His own way to make miracle happen. In high hopes that situation in Gaza will be better,InsyaAllah.

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