Wednesday, January 28, 2009

24th January 2009

Flight should be at 3.40pm but it was delayed because of some technical bullshit at the ticket counter when we were checking in our bags. We arrived at LCCT around 2.30pm. Supposedly we should be at the airport at least 1 hour before the flight time because the bags needed to be checked in. Bukan nak banned Air Asia ke ape la..tapi it’s a policy of the flight, we can’t refund the ticket. What Air Asia did to us was horrible. They sold our tickets because we arrived at 2.30pm. We’ve paid for the tickets and the sold it to someone else. After ayah gaduh ngan supervisor AA, they came up a solution that we have to split. 3 of us fly first on the 3.45pm flight, and the other 2 have to take the 5.00pm flight. Bodoh tak?
So, we all decided to take the 5pm flight. Tunggula macam org bodoh kt LCCT yg tak de pape tu. At 4.30pm we checked in, pastu flight delay pukul 6pm.Haiiissshhh~!!! Delay sampai pukul 7 la senang cite. Duration to Bali is 3 hours, makanya jam 10pm la kami samapi ke Bali. Tak best langsung. Its already night and theres nothing you can see and enjoy. Arrived and went straight to the hotel. We stayed in Penindsula Beach Resort in Nusa Dua near Kuta Beach. Checked in and terus tidur (charge battery untuk esok).


vishalini said...

that seems to be a miserable day... :-$

Mr Final said...

patek philips laa kamu.. url kite salah... :P

:: p R i n c E s S _ N :: said...

wahh...g bali..beshnyerr...der souvenirs tuk aku x??

B, Queen B said...

V: yep.a bad day i guess
Mr. Final: Ye ke?tu aku main amek je kat org lain nye blog
Ain: huhu..duit tak byk la yang.nant la ain pg ngan prince_Za.borong sume bende kat situ

ღ~n0n0i~ღ said...

Talking about Air Asia dear..mmg byk sgt masalah..
sangat..sangat ...sangat BANYAK!!
kalo nak cerita satu2 mmg panjanglah

I really hate Air Asia.
tapi nak wat cane..tu je yg murah, tu je caranya nak balik kampung halaman :(