Sunday, December 21, 2008

A day to remember

Sepatuku & Sepatumu

Yesterday:I went out with my not-so-but-sometime-is prince charming. A day full of wittiness and happiness.What more to expect.Its neither you're laughing like hell or you're laughing till you develop an amount of tears in your eyes. Pick himup from his work place. First impression, wah..segak..kemas..Then, he went into the car." Assalamualaikum".Ok lagi la time tu. But after a while, after tonnes of his everyday experience story..Dh lame2..dah tak boleh tahan..kua la gile die tu..
Sayang sama dia~! Started of, went to OU. Last minute decision. Dalam jam tu decide nk pegi OU.Sampai OU,dont know what to do.So, we have our lunch at Teppanyaki.

Both of us ate chicken teppanyaki.Hazmil odered fuji snow which he knocks down half of the 'ais kacang'.Jatuh bersepai atas meja.Haiyaa..sayang..After lunch, still dont know what to do.Lepak kat kerusi2 yg kt tepi2 tu..Lepak n photo taking.

Chicken Teppanyaki: Chicken,Vege,Rice and Pickled Ginger

Di OU.

After we ran out of ideas,Hazmil decided that we went for our Zohor prayers and head off somewhere else. We went to The Mines.Again with nothing to do. Last2, kaki sakit..i bought a new pair of flipflop. Hazmil kate die rindu Yana. So, I gave her a call and ask her where is she right at that moment. "Malam ni jom arr tgk bola. Malaysian Universities vs Thailand's Universities". We went to a ball game near bangi. Best~!!Got me yelling and screaming like an old lady.

At the stadium.

With Yana and Hazmil.

Hazmil were a bit wacky that night.Why? I simply cant explain. Here are some pictures that show how adorable my sayang is~!

See, I told you he's adorable. Hari ni kua agak pancit. Cus im driving and i didnt really get enough sleep.Tapi, as long as the day has Hazmil in it. ITS ALL WORTH IT~!!Till next post.

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Bubbly Sabrina said...

ah...rindu sama fee!!!!

B, Queen B said... had your share while you were staying in serdang. Ni pun dh rindu gile ngan die.Sbb tu la balik kl n jumpe..huhuhu

:: p R i n c E s S _ N :: said... nana...