Monday, December 22, 2008

A day of journey to Temasek.(Singapura)

We departed from bangi at 9.30am. Mom insisted on sending her car to wash before starting the journey.The best thing was, we woke up darn early but we ended up getting out from the house around 8.With no breakfast,empty stomach, we all start the journey. 4 days in Singapore with out excess of handphone. I mean, boleh je gune tp rates die..amboi~! RM1 per sms.I told anybody who wanted to be updated about me to refer my blog as a source of information. Sini, Internet FREE!

So, yesterday, arrived in Singapore around noon. Imegresen la lame beno.Benci~.After that, we went to our 3rd cousin's house.(Atuk nye cousin,Mak punye 2nd cousin, n we're the 3rd cousins la kot~) =)
Lunch and streched our legs and back.Start jalan2 in Singapore~! We went to Tangs to buy Aan's Chef Knifes. Zwilings knife. Germany made knife which is very expensive in KL. Jauh beno aan beli pisau die. After that, Cik At brought us to Faber Mt (was the highest peak of Singpore) and we saw this.

Jungle of Stones

A symbol of Singapore the Merlion

We went to Vivocity. Cantek~Design of Architechture sangat cantik~!Since Singpore has not much of attraction, so they have to build something attractive. And of course in Singapore you c an feel the festive calling..Christmas~!!but Vivocity was nice~ It was crowded though. Every shops that we went to was. Adoiyyaaiii..Singporians shopping time weekend cam gilee..

A walk at Vivocity


Sexy Aan

We had stuff to eat when we were hungry. We had something special. Tak de kot kat KL. The name is Rojak Bakar. Standard kat KL Rojak buah or Rojak special sket..Rojak Bakar. Consist of 'Chakoi' and 'tauhu' goreng. And top with sweet,sour sauce and some crushed peanuts. Sedap~

Rojak Bakar

And for dinner, lots and lots of food. From Satay, to grilled chicken wings and some mee goreng.

I ate lots and lots of these..Being unaware of my own allergy. I cant eat chicken and eggs. Tapi bedal je..

Grilled Chicken Wings

Enjoying the greatest thing in life

Top: Aan enjoying his

Bottom: Ateyn and Cik At

Man of the hour~!! Yayi~!

At last, after a hardcore dinner, we went to Cik At's house. Staying there for a few days. When we arrived there, Cik At made a big surprise to Aan. Check this out~

A gift for the future Chef. Cook nice stuff and more

As for me, this is it.Till next post.

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:: p R i n c E s S _ N :: said...

beb....jgn lupe souvenir tuk aku..lallalalala

Bubbly Sabrina said...

eh atok ko mcm muka M. rajoli lah. hehe.

B, Queen B said...

Sab:ye ke?hehhe..king of the hearts.ade org kate muke die cam Nik Aziz..hehehhe..

Ain: InsyaAllah..takde duit ni..heheh