Monday, December 15, 2008

A day of events~!

A day of history. Started of with a very brand new day for some people who had started a new chapter of his life. A lot of things happen today. Start of with one of the highest priority of mine, my URP~! Today, i've done 2 out of 3 of my membrane dope solution with the help of Zuriah Ismail..of course(cayang kamu~!). Setting up the apparatus was like hell. The overhead stirrer tu..mak aii..(berat macam pu..)

Anyway the apparatus for mixing my solution somehow look like this.

A mixing apparatus design by Nana n Zue
The blue thingy is the overhead stirrer, the white thingy is the heating element, the glass thing with the white tubes is the condenser and the round bottom vessel is the place where the dope solution is mix. Looks simple but setting up everything took me an hour. Juan( Zue's bf) was with us the whole day from morning till night. Yes..yes..we were at the lab from (7.45am-8.30pm). So since he brought a camera with him, we were the membrane super diva..mestila amek gamba kan kan kan?
Here are some shots:

Experiments are dangerous and hazardous. Dealing with toxic and flammable reagents. A true chemical engineer. Die die~!

Handling toxic is kind of the challenge.You can end up inhaling it and become high five mins later. So PPE is the most important thing. But still, although doing it in the fume hood, you can still smell the uneasy fume. Like mine, smell like rotten fish plus petai and ikan masin basi..Yucckkk~!

Ya, puan-puan, ibu-ibu dirumah. Inilah hasil campuran membrane yang dah siap 4 jam kacau. Its like melted sugar but stinky and can cause you your life ..

So, enough bout that. Lets talk about something else. Like..errmmm...first day of internship?Not me..Someone else.Today is his first day in the working world. Lucky him and unlucky me. I wonder what it feels like to be in a working world. In my condition right now, botak kepala la pikir. Membrane lagi ape lagi..haiyyaa..Wish him well for the coming future.

Emerson is where technology and engineering come together to create solutions for the benefit of our customers, driven without compromise for a world in action.
Emerson Brand Promise

See, Emerson ade brand promise. If the person working in Emerson tak bleh uphold to the brand promise, bleh kene saman la Emerson..hehehe...Watchout~!
Oh one more thing that happened to me today is that, i get to check my pointer. A bit down yet happy. What the heck~! Its just numbers.

At the end of a kind of a perfect day, went out to have dinner with Zue,Juan and Azzu (Roomate Zue). Azzu sebok promote blog die. Hehe..Readers dont forget to read her up in her own blog. Till then, more to complaint later.

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Anonymous said...

Nana..mcm ade salah..cuba tgk tarikh kat kertas "Do Not Touch" tu.. macam mana boleh tarikh untuk "Until" lagi awal daripada tarikh untuk "From"?ekekeke...

Bubbly Sabrina said...

caiyok caiyok!!!

dah nak siap ke??

ke banyak lagi phases??

Bubbly Sabrina said...

eh? aku komen serentak ngan emi la.. hehehhe

tetibe nampak komen emi lepas publish komen sendiri. hehe

aáh la nana... patutnya until tu TAHUN 2009

C said...


Xper sesibuk mana pun saya....

Saya tetap sokong kamu.,..

B, Queen B said...

Ok ok..baru perasan la..hehe..2009 la patutnye..hesh korang..perasan je salah.Setakat ni ok la Sab. aku dh pecah kan corong turas,hari ni aku patahkan glass rod time kacau n terkoyakkn jari aku. last skali,baru je tadi, termometer aku patah sbb stirrer aku stir kuat sangat..abis..limpah2 merkuri..mandul la cm guys~!

B, Queen B said...

Ok sayang..thanks for supporting me.Gambate kudasai~!

:: p R i n c E s S _ N :: said...

uit nana....aku x lupe ko k....mane ko dpt cekau blog aku ni?? jom lpak...