Friday, December 19, 2008

Yet another boring post~!

OMG..I've finished half of my final year project. One week of sweat, frustration and depression. Lonely and missing someone. Yet, I've finally done it by my own (ayat tak bleh bla..of course with some help from Zu and Juan)..Anyways yesterday was the last day I went to the lab to do my tests. After all the stirring, testing, measuring and stirring again..I get the optimum ratio of my polysulfone membrane solution. Tada~!

Polysulfone membrane solution

Yesterday went for degassing the solution in the clean room. Sangat lame. I have to wait till 99 mins. So that the tiny bubbles in the solution is 'degassed' from the solution. Quite a boring day i might say. Here are some pictures. And this may be my last post about my research. Pasni nana post mende lain plak. Since this is the only thing that is currently 'happening' (happening la sangat). Ye la..Orang lain dah sibuk2 post blog pasal 'INTERNSHIP or LATIHAN INDUSTRI or KERJA~!!'. Since i dont fall under that category, cite la pasal final year project.

Here are some pictures from yesterday event~!:

This is the ultrasonic degasser. Like i said, i need to degass my solution. So, puan-puan dan ibu-ibu di rumah, letak kan botol2 susu anak2 ke dalam degasser ini supaya anak2 akan dapat menikmati susu yg tak de belon2 udara yang akan membuatkan anak2 kembung perut selepas minum susu.

And then you will get something like this. See.. 
All the yellow stuff in the bottle is the solution that we worked our ass out to get the optimum ratio. Bapak susah nk buat mende ni. Letih. Zue's one smell like daun pandan. But mine..fishy smell like ikan busuk..haiiishhh..You can see in the picture, the back rows are Zue's. Mine the front row. The most left n the middle cute one. yang kat tepi yg besar tu, Azam punye.

When degassing, we found out the the gas really were coming out from the solution. It was pretty cool. Impressive. Biasa la orang kuno duk kat dlm dunia hi-tech. It was worth the sweat. Kalau dapat grade cam taik utk subjek ni..memang~! Kes bunuh la lepas ni..

Night time activity. Macam biasa..Melalak n mencari makanan kerana UMP's Cafe sucks~!
My night time buddies. Zue,Azzu and Juan~!!But this pics are taken in Zue's room.So, Juan tak de laa..pitty him..

I had fun.~
Ok, now i have to pack my stuff and go back to KL. Someone waiting for me. Till next post.

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