Monday, December 8, 2008

Eidil Adha in Sentul (the one and only Kampung)

Arrived at Sentul on 7th Decemeber and gave dedicated help for dear aunty to prepare for Eid on the 8th. Since we lost our beloved nenek last October,things become more complicated on dealing with festive events with only aunties and uncles. But we did it our own style. Yesterday, we got everything ready. Of course there was only me, mom, my aunty and kak lia. But 4 of us did a pretty good job.

We cooked our family's tradition lontong, various rendangs (macam la satu kampung nak datang makan), trademark dish by mom 'Ayam masak kicap', some roti jala and currypuff for the takbir people. A bit hectic in the beginning but we managed to do it all without any special troops come to rescue.

So, this year Eid Adha is better then our Eid Fitri celebration. Way much much better. Although all the family members didnt get to gether,but all on all it was satisfying.Start off with our morning feast and it was lovely.

Family Feast

My lontong and lodeh..Yumm yumm

After a wonderful breakfast, we get to see the cows been slaughtered by the packciks and Fatin get to take a video which was fantastic although the view wasnt good enough. Here take a peek.(will be uploaded later on)

After awhile, we cuddle up in front of the TV (all cousins and also aunties and uncles), we watched festive shows lined up by Astro..^.^.Laughed like hell and enjoyed ourselves. Its hard to get the family together and do family stuff like that nowadays. Uncles and aunties are getting older and busier. Cousin are also getting older and much more busier than their parents. As for me, im not that busy when it come to family matters. Family is all there is right? Till next post.

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Bubbly Sabrina said...

walaupun dah lepas... tapi selamat hari raya nana~!!!

Mel's Anae said...

aww...thanks Sab. Selamat hari raya to you too my dear.dont month is your turn to right the great book~!!