Thursday, December 11, 2008

I miss my roomates~!

Arrived in UMP a little bit late than supposed to. Went in my room C4110 and switched on the lights and fan. Feeling a little bit empty and alone. The room where we were once together. Nana, Emi, Zack and Hani. 4 incredible and fabulous peeps hang out together bringing joy, laughter and tears to the room. I went in and brought all my bags. Realize that the room is super duper clean. My place was so tidy compared to when i left that day. Then, I found a piece of note on my desk, hanging on my memo ribbon.

The short but sweet note

Trying to hold the sadness and tears behind. Still smiling and reminiscing the time we had together. But something went wrong and that feeling..that feeling of looking around and found out that there's another note that both of them left for us to read. was on the mirror. Clipped and decorated.

Emi and Hani's Will
Written on the will;
11 last things we wanna say to both of you
  1. Lantai kitorang baru mop tau untuk korang <3
  2. Hani ada tinggalkan makanan untuk korang..ade atas meja kecik nana.. =)
  3. Ade softlan sket kat tepi almari buku zahida...wangi tau
  4. Tupperware pink atas meja nana..jgn lupe aku tau
  5. Sabun basuh baju pun ade kat luar..bile korang bau je sabun tu, mst teringat time hani jemur baju..
  6. Zahida, thanks for your cermin..-emi
  7. Thanks for alwez listen to my story (love story) -hani
  8. Nana, aku kemas tempat ko untuk terakhir kali -emi
  9. Zahida, aku dah isikan air dlm water filter ko. Thanks bg aku minum air ko-hani
  10. Sorry sbb buat korang tak selesa bile member2 kitorang dtg study kat sini
  11. Nana..lap air mate kamu ngan towel biru..-emi

Food and pink stuff that hani and emi left for us

At that point, only tears can describe how i felt at that moment and how i love them so much. I will certainly miss both of them. Why does all the good things must come to an end?Having them as friends is one of the best thing that ever happen to me. Yet, life envy us. There will be one time that we will be together again. I love you guys~!

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Bubbly Sabrina said...

sedihnya...bring back memories kan?

but it's great to have thoughtful roommates like them..


Mel's Anae said...

yeah..same goes to you Sab.
am i the only one that misses everybody?
dont anybody miss me?

Anonymous said...

i miss u too nana~

Hazmil Hapaz said...

kamu jgn sedih2 yer...
saya pun sedih...
saya ada mengembirakan kamu.....


zaira said...

nana jgnla sedih2..

Anonymous said...

if nana bosan2 time weekend, jom la hangout ker..window shopping ker..tgk muvie ker..okies?

B, Queen B said...