Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A start of a new Semester

A brand new semester on a new year's eve. Loving it. Today's first class for the semester was canceled and thank god that our time table is a bit more relaxed this semester. But today I've learned something new. 4Rs and 3Es. Learned in Environmental Engineering Class.


So,wtf you say..
Quite interesting seriously. An applied skills to maintain this 3 elements which are engineering, economy and ennvironment using those 4Rs.Lovely.This subject became more interesting because was thought by a foreign lecturer. A 'Sudan'ian. Dr. Abd Rahman. Background study yang sangat dahsyat. Deg.Hons in Petroluem Eng. Ms in Chemical Eng. Ms in Oil and Gas Eng. PhD in Petroluem Technology. ( haa...amek ko~!)

First day of class, Dr Abd Rahman dh bagi Ass.in.men. * a mean way to say assignment..huahahha..well..ni tengah buat ass in men la ni. rajin kan Farhana?? cepat angguk~!!
Sesambil buat ass in men, i was reading this. A preparation which i am so so nervous about. And i hate it.

GRADAsia 2008 (2009 nye tak amek lagi)

Anthe whole day i'm fussed about getting my membrane casting done by tomorrow.Seems impossible but i dont care. Nak siap cepat. Ade orang suruh. =p I miss him dearly. Tapi tak pe. Die kan busy nak naik pangkat..huahhaha..anyways..nothing more to write. Till next post. In hope of being the best in every single thing I can. InsyaAllah.


:: p R i n c E s S _ N :: said...

go nana go...

back to skul...

Bubbly Sabrina said...

nana!! aku tertekan kat tmpt LI aku ni...


anyway, good luck for ur psm, ur new sem and new year!!! and not to forget, happy new year girl!!

hebatlah lecturer tu... two masters??!!! wow!!

and..his name = nama arwah ayah fee... Dr. Abdul Rahman.


miss ya girl...

B, Queen B said...

yeah yeah~!! Happy new year to all..Yes.will do my best in everything this 2009..aja aja..fighting~!!